Parks in Barcelona

Barcelona’s parks can create a magical recreational experience- Places not to miss.

A city which receives more sunlight than European countries is also a place which is known for its outdoor recreational facilities. Well maintained parks in Barcelona are also a hub of art and culture which attracts people from far and wide. If you are in Barcelona, stay rest assured that you won’t miss out on its culture.


Parc del Laberint d’ Horta is the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon. Walk through the tree-lined walkways past ancient sculptures and pavilions of Grecian and Roman design and appreciate the beauty of this place. If you are visiting this place with children the puzzle of the garden maze will give you an opportunity to play a game of hiding and seek with your kids! This place does not allow more than 750 visitors at a time. The rule is enforced to maintain the beautiful grounds and the magical air surrounding it.


This place is on the outskirts of Barcelona. The place offers a variety of benefits like it serves as a good place for athletes to train because of the terrain. Rewards hikers too with breathtaking views over Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. There are points where you can see the length of the Ramblas cutting a swath through the city. This space houses flora and fauna in abundance which further brightens the landscape. In addition to this, it provides a natural home to many wildlife creatures. Do not forget to bring your camera!!


Another beautiful area to spend some quality time is in Parc de Montjuic. Occupying an expansive hilltop space in Barcelona’s city centre, just over the harbour, there are many attractive features incorporated into the parks makeup. The Montjuic Castle is only a gondola ride away. If you go through a cable car, you’ll get to see a panoramic view of the skyline.

The Olympic Stadium is also a point of interest in the park. Visit this place, close your eyes and imagine this place packed with an energetic cheering crowd and aspiring Olympians.


Seeing over 200 varieties of rose from around the world is a treat to one’s eyes. This place is known for its roses which can be seen in different colours. Witness the colours of nature with your own eyes. If you are in Barcelona in the month of May, you should see the Annual Barcelona International Competition for New Roses.


This place is an amalgamation of recreational activities and plenty of open space for those seeking a relaxation of their body, mind and soul. You can entertain yourself by renting a rowboat, playing table tennis and witness free performances. It is the best Park for family enjoyment.